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50A Weathermaker Packaged Rooftop

Model: 50A

50A Weathermaker Packaged Rooftop

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Key Features

  • High-efficiency scroll compressors
  • TXV refrigerant metering device for each circuit Two-stage cooling on Constant Volume units, with multiple adaptive demand control for up to 5 stages of cooling capacity
  • Cooling operation range up to 120° F ambient and down to 35° F ambient
  • 115-volt and 24-volt control circuit
  • Sloped, aluminized steel condensate pan
  • Two-inch disposable-type return air filters (Optional four inch available)
  • Fixed speed belt-drive blower drive
  • High-efficiency motors meet EPACT (Alternate motors are available)
  • Two-position outside air damper is standard, capable of admitting up to 25% outdoor air during fan operation, closed when the fan is off. Outside air hoods and permanent filters.

Product Description

Carrier "A" – Series Rooftop Products are pre-wired and charged with R-22 and tested in both cooling and heating modes at the factory. All 50AJ, AK, AW, AY models feature an industrial grade cabinet with fully hinged access panels. Superior supply fan performance with up to 3.5 in. external static pressure is standard. They are available in dedicated vertical down shot and horizontal side supply/return airflow models. There are "A" Series models available for Constant Volume or Variable Air Volume applications. Units are available as cooling-only or with a variety of electric heat options. All "A" Series units come standard with ComfortLink™ control and Scroll compressors on dual independent TXV controlled refrigeration circuits.

• Electric Cooling Units
• 20 to 60 Tons
• 50AJ - CV, Vertical
• 50AK - VAV, Vertical
• 50AW - CV, Horizontal
• 50AY - VAV, Horizontal

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